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Collaboration Culture Change for Big Organizations

Corporate SharePoint BUSINESS Strategy

Whether your corporation or division has an existing SharePoint environment or is just beginning SharePoint, it is vital to start with business solutions in mind.

Your entire SharePoint environment should be designed so that data and collaboration flow seamlessly up, down, and sideways in a fashion that EXACTLY fits management needs and organizational processes.

This is not a job for the IT department. It is a job for business process people that have a complete understanding of the process capabilities of SharePoint. If you have such people, great. If you don't, give us a call to discuss what amazing benefits a properly designed SharePoint site collection can deliver.

Workgroup Collaboration Culture Change

If you have a feeling that your employees are stuck in never-ending Office Churn ™ and spend too much time managing emails, attending meetings/conference calls, and searching for files and information, it may be time for Collaboration Culture Change.

The key indicator of poor organizational collaboration habits is a management team that grumbles about meetings, email overload, administrative burden, and time spent building and sending reports. Most of the things they grumble about are non-value-added work and blatant waste that eats away at your bottom line.

We combine personal and team collaboration change (email management and workday habits) with organizational collaboration change (SharePoint solutions and improved management expectations) to deliver radical collaboration change resulting in happier employees and more profitable organizations.

Collaboration Culture Change for Smaller Workgroups

SharePoint Site Audit/Review and Recommendations

If you currently have a SharePoint site and want to make sure that you are getting the most out of the investment, or feel that the site is getting out of control, it's probably time for a check-up.

We can review your existing SharePoint site for efficiency drains and existing or potential pitfalls. We can also review your existing permissions structure for security concerns and automation potential. We can even look at your most heavily used spreadsheets to determine if SharePoint's functionality can automate information processes or bring data out of the shadows and onto management dashboards.

SharePoint Theory and Implementation Workshop for Managers

Most managers do not understand the potential of SharePoint, so they do not know what to ask their IT department or SharePoint administrator to build. We teach managers what SharePoint does at a high level without including unnecessary and mind-numbing technical details, help them brainstorm for high-return and high-impact opportunities, and finish the one-day workshop with at least one ready-to-use SharePoint solution to get their creative juices flowing.

Because this workshop often makes such a major impact that managers risk expanding their SharePoint sites too quickly, we also show how to expand SharePoint usage in a planned and controlled fashion to avoid overwhelming employees.

Remote SharePoint Assistance and Development

If you have an existing SharePoint site and need a little assistance, call us for hourly remote coaching and development. If you need longer term remote coaching and assistance, let us know and we'll work with you to meet your specific needs.

Save One Hour Every Work Day Presentation

Looking for a 30-60 minute presentation for a Chamber of Commerce breakfast or productive topic for a staff meeting? This offering is short but powerful. Attendees will leave with the desire and knowledge to make radical instant improvement in their use of email and escape the constant bombardment of uncontrolled electronic distractions. (This presentation is free for not-for-profit organizations.) Read More